Getting The Barakah: An Islamic Guide to Time Management

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The book that launched a movement!

Now it is your turn to supercharge your productivity the Islamic way!

Over 6000 copies sold worldwide!

Getting The Barakah is the original work that launched Islamic Self Help in 2014. This hit ebook has been translated into various languages and has benefited thousands of readers around the globe. Now it is your turn to unlock the power of barakah in your life.

Designed to teach you how to get the most out of your day the Islamic way. Getting the Barakah is a unique ebook that will change the way you look at time and life itself.

This revised 2nd Edition includes several expanded sections and time management templates that will transform your life.

After reading this ebook, you will:

1. Understand better how to unlock the secrets of barakah

2. Find balance time between work, studies, family, worship and personal time.

3. Be empowered with tried and tested techniques for getting as much done in as little time as possible.

4. Find inner peace through purpose and structure.


"Br. Kamdar’s book is full of specific ideas on how to control your time and accomplish your goals...I also love how his book reminds us to take care of ourselves and to even reward ourselves for our small victories! He also urges you to “invest in yourself” by learning new skill" - Sheima, Islamic Online University

"Another master piece book of Abu Muawiyah Ismail Kamdar. I always enjoy of his book and I recommend to others for reading. Hope you will also enjoy as I enjoyed." - Mohammed Nasim

"Getting the Barakah is a personal narrative, which puts our deen at its forefront. Abu Muawiyah’s writing style is laconic and crisp, his tone is objective and emotional and his approach is simple and pragmatic enabling him to connect with his readers." - Umm Bilal, Sisters' Magazine

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Getting The Barakah: An Islamic Guide to Time Management

3 ratings
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